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Production Monitoring

Achieve peak production efficiency with real-time insights into machine performance, enabling you to identify and address issues as they arise.

          Easy to install and Non-Invasive wireless sensor

          Production monitoring at machine level


          User-friendly smart software platform

          Data analysis using AI algorithms

Why our Solution

Increased Product Quality

Improve product quality by monitoring critical production processes and identifying areas for improvement.


Increased Lifespan

Increase the lifespan of your machines by implementing more efficient production processes.

Optimized Efficiency

Achieve peak efficiency with intelligent real-time insights.

Simplifyed Management

Simplify the management of your production lines with an easy-to-use software platform that provides all the information you need in one place.

Plug & Play

Deploy non-invasive wireless sensors without causing any operational downtime.


Keep track and reduce the enviromental footprint of your industrial machine.

How it works

Wireless Sensors

Effortlessly install our non-invasive wireless sensors. They will automatically start communicating with the network hotspot.

Software Platform

Monitor the critical parameters of the production process and set personalized alerts or notifications when issues arise.

Data analysis

Our AI algorithms analyse the data and generate automatic reports. Identify areas for improvement and perform actions based on our intelligent insights.

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