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Energy Monitoring for Plastic Manufacturing Company

Astreo adopted its Industrial IoT Energy Monitoring Solution for Celbo SpA, which directly produces body parts for tractors, supercars, and trucks, gathered for the segment of the dental.



Celbo was born at the beginning of the 70s, with the production of the particular in the areas of telephone, electric and rail.
Today Celbo directly produce body parts for tractors, cars, trucks, gathered for the segment of the teeth, and counts among its products from leading brands such as: Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan, Lamborghini, Telecom Italia, Enel.



Celbo has a production line composed of more than 30 machines, and they don't have any data about the energy consumption of each machine. In this project, we aim to track the energy consumption of the most expensive one, in terms of power, to monitor its behavior, and identify techniques to save on power. All the installation process would have been done without interrupting the machine.


We installed our Industrial Internet of Things Solution, both hardware and Cloud, to monitor and optimize energy consumption. We adopted our IoT sensors to extract power consumption from the machine and these data are sent to our Cloud Platform. In the Platform the consumption behavior of the machine is available and optimization techniques, such as the managment of the standby phase, are developed.

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