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Soil Moisture Monitoring & Irrigation Management

Astreo developed this solution for Spagnolli Spumanti di Montagna in order to reduce the water consumption, be more sustainable and increase the value of the offered product.



Spagnolli Spumanti di Montagna is a prestigious wineyard based in Aldeno, in Trentino Alto Adige. The company is led by the Spagnolli's family, by the wisdom and the knowledge of the Professor Francesco Spagnolli and his wife Susi, and by the passion of the young engineer Alvise Spagnolli. Disìo is the mountain spumante that represents the values of the family.


The goal was to achieve the full control of the soil moisture and be able to remotely switch on and off the irrigation system. The area to be wirelessly covered was harsh, with sensors spread far more than 1km from the centre, in a steep environment, rich of vegetation. Then, the amount of data gathered should have been correlated to find the right way to consume less water and to maintain the plants perfectly hydrated.


We developed a LPWAN Network to provide network coverage to all the vineyard. We configured the sensors to extract soil moisture data, and using intelligent algorithms, we remotely controlled electrovalves, gauges and relays to manage the irrigation system. In this way we maintain under control the level of hydration of the plants, reduce the water consumption and improve the quality of the product.

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